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12 Jun 2024

Dream Home, Week 3


Week 3: Unveiling Melbourne's Transformed Dream Homes

As the dust settles and the paint dries, the first two Dream Homes in Melbourne have been revealed in all their glory. This week's journey has been filled with high stakes, bold design choices, and jaw-dropping transformations. Here’s a detailed look at how the contestants turned these spaces into spectacular homes.

Watsonia - Scandinavian Resort with an Australian Twist

The Watsonia home was marked by bold design choices, luxurious finishes, and a commitment to creating inviting, functional spaces. The use of Luxaflex window furnishings throughout the entire home played a crucial role in enhancing both the aesthetics and practicality of the renovated rooms. 

Rhys and Liam took a bold approach, betting heavily on their heroic ensuite and study. The ensuite and study were outfitted with Luxaflex Duette Elan – Moonstruck, layered with Luxaflex sheer curtains in Arlette Shell, creating a soft and sophisticated palette. Rosie couldn't help but exclaim, “I can’t take my eyes off it! It is delectable.” However, the judges noted that the execution fell short, lacking the top-notch craftsmanship expected. While the hallway missed the mark on creativity, the study nook was praised for its complete blockout using the same Luxaflex Duette as the ensuite, making it ideal for a home office environment.

Mel and Brad made a significant leap in their renovation journey, focusing on the master bedroom and walk-in robe. They aimed to climb up the leaderboard with their impeccably executed room, described as “Super Luxe” and a huge step up from their previous efforts. The bedroom windows featured the luxurious duo of Luxaflex Duette, layered with Luxaflex sheer curtains. This window furnishing combination not only provided excellent light control and insulation but also added a soft and sophisticated ambiance that enhanced the room's overall elegance.

Peter and Lara faced significant challenges, including sickness and indecision, but they managed to bring together a stunning transformation of the home's facade. The connection between the facade and the entrance hallway was praised as the perfect marriage. The exterior of the home was harmonious and followed through with conviction into the interior. Lana enthusiastically remarked, “They have carried the timber through, Yes Yes Yes! I love it.” Simon added, “Love the skylight, the downlight, and the wall light, it looks epic!”

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Northcote - Where Heritage Meets Modern Elegance

The Northcote home has undergone an extraordinary transformation, blending heritage charm with modern elegance to create what is now the best-looking home on the street. Despite the challenges, the contestants demonstrated dedication and resilience, their use of Luxaflex window furnishings was pivotal in these transformations, enhancing the functionality and beauty of each space.

Hannah and Johnny took on the hallway, infusing it with luxurious details and layers, although the judges felt it presented a mix of styles within its 4-meter length. Moving to the 14-year-old girl’s bedroom, they nailed the brief perfectly. The room featured a hero wall complemented by impeccable furnishings, including Luxaflex Blockout Curtains in Amadora Pearl paired with a Roller Blind in Noetec White. This timeless design promises to create lasting memories for the teenage girl.

Jacinta and Jordan faced a challenge with their laundry, which appeared disconnected from the kitchen they renovated last week. “They look like they are from two different homes!” Simon exclaimed. However, they transformed the master bedroom into a five-star luxury bedroom on the second level. “This is an absolute vibe,” remarked the judges, with the Venetian plaster matching perfectly with the ceiling height. Luxaflex Bent Track Curtains flowed with the room's architectural lines, adding a touch of sophistication. “Feels like a multimillion-dollar house,” Simon commented. To ensure the room has complete blockout for a perfect night’s sleep, they layered with Luxaflex Duette Elan in Journal. The couple has achieved a minimalistic design avoiding strong shades, focused on using masterpiece furnishings.

Taelar and Elle’s faultless façade set a high standard for their contributions. The exterior was flawless, fabulous, and truly remarkable. However, the bedroom’s colour palette didn’t quite reflect a typical 12-year-old’s space. “The space is lacking the element of coolness,” Lana observed. Despite this, the use of Luxaflex Blockout Curtains in Amadora Stonewash brought warmth and coziness to the room, enhancing its inviting atmosphere and adding a touch of playfulness that complemented the overall design.

Stay tuned as the action continues next week when the contestants move on to transform the next two dream homes in Queensland. The excitement is just beginning!

dream home

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