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05 Jan 2023

Ideas to set up your home exteriors for Summer


Summer can bring long, balmy days and plenty of opportunities for outdoor dining and entertaining. Yet the warmer months can also bring pesky insects, additional UV glare, and make it harder to efficiently cool your home’s interiors. This is where setting up your home with the right window coverings and shading can make all the difference. 

Here are some ideas for setting up your home’s exterior in time for summer:

Do more with outdoor spaces with folding awnings

Unless they have sufficient protection from the elements, outdoor spaces can often remain under-utilised. We offers a wide range of outdoor awnings with which you can cover terraces, patios, verandas or decks. 

Luxaflex® Folding Arm Awnings are a great option as they offer the ultimate in flexibility and control, and can be retracted when not in use. You also have the option of PowerView® Motorisation so you can operate your awning with the touch of a button - even when you’re not home. 

Luxaflex® Fixed Metal Awnings can also provide perfect shading for patios, verandas, external windows and doors. This option is also highly durable, and optional closed sides and mitred corners are available on some models.

Create a sheltered outdoor room

Turn an unused outdoor space into another ‘room’ of your home by using a Luxaflex® Straight Drop Awning to provide a shade ‘wall’ which keeps the majority of insects and bugs out, and lets plenty of air and light in.  

Designed in Australia, for Australian conditions, the Luxaflex® Evo Awnings range represents the latest in design and functionality. There are six models, available in a selection of beautiful fabrics and a range of smooth operating systems to suit any style of home. They also have in-built UV protection and offer an ideal combination of style and strength.

In fact, the Luxaflex® Evo MagnaTrack® Awning with Luxaflex® Spectra Fibreglass Sunscreen fabric can help eliminate up to 95%2 of solar heat, bringing you long-term energy savings and helping you feel comfortable no matter what the weather's doing.

You can also create effective indoor/outdoor zones with a covering such as Luxaflex® PolySatin® Shutters - the modern alternative to the traditional wooden shutter. Hidden inside the louvres is an insulation cell which helps keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Made in Australia and backed by a 20 year warranty*, they also won't blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade.

Protect your interiors with fixed awnings

For windows that attract a lot of direct light in the heat of summer, you could also consider adding an awning to shade your interiors. 

Luxaflex® Canopy Awnings come in a wide range of styles and colours and particularly suit period and mid-century homes. A versatile choice, they can be used over windows, doors or even walkways. As well as shielding the sun, they also offer protection from the rain. 

The Luxaflex® System 2000 Awning, for instance, is an award-winning system that has been completely designed and manufactured in Australia, and ideal for older-style homes. This awning can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope, and can also be motorised for easy operation. By protecting your windows, you can restrict the impact of direct light and more effectively cool your interiors.

Add a contemporary look with fixed metal louvres

As well as adding a sleek and very contemporary feel to your home, Luxaflex® Metal Louvre Awnings are extremely effective in providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows. The under structure and rear of louvre panels are white to maintain a neutral appearance from the inside.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how to freshen up your home’s exterior with Luxaflex® window coverings this summer, drop by a Luxaflex showroom and speak with one of our expert consultants.

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